Our Team

BGC Toronto Kiwanis is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of volunteers who are committed to providing leadership, advice and lending their expertise to further the mission, vision and values of the Club.

In addition to the Board of Directors, the Club’s day-to-day operations are managed by a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to their craft.

View our team below!

Staff Team


Greg Gary

Executive Director

Kathy Maney

Director, Finance & Administration


Lesley Hawley

Manager, Operations

Milvia Ruano

Coordinator, Administration

Programs Team

Sarah Rogers

Project Manager

Lisa King

Manager, Training & Quality Assurance

Louise Ross, R.E.C.E

Manager, Program and Services

TP Loblaw at St.Mary Catholic School Club
416-925-2243 ext.24

Sheilana Dela Cruz

Manager, Children's & Youth Services

Monazza Khan

Site Coordinator

Faiza Malik

Coordinator, Children's Services

Emily Reddon

Site Coordinator

Salavan Srikanthan

Coordinator, Evening Youth Services

Emma Low-A-Chee

Coordinator, Youth Services

101 Spruce Street Club


2020/2021 Board of Directors

2021/2022 Board of Directors
  • Sara Rzepa – President
  • Anna Hodgins – Vice President
  • Eric Chow – Treasurer
  • Marc Simmons – Secretary
  • Art Eggleton
  • Jessica Figueroa
  • Dennis Hau
  • Shani Mornan
  • Heather Paszat
  • Sandon Shogilev
  • Rose Smith
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