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Adventure in Giving

We invite you to unite, create, and inspire your corporate crew and join the Adventure to Fundraise for Kids’ Bright Futures.”

Our mission is clear: through life-changing programs, community-based services, and nurturing relationships, we empower kids and teens with the skills they need to succeed. But we can’t do it alone, and that’s where you and your amazing crew come in. Together, we can create a crew of Impact Heroes, dedicated to making a positive change!

We encourage you to delve into our suggested donations, each offering a unique journey of impact. Find the perfect fit for your group, and let’s build a path from opportunity to achievement!

Essential Crew

Guided Crew

Unique Crew

Essential Crew: Volunteer for a fun-filled after-school experience. You will participate in the snack program, prepping, serving snacks as well as clean up.

Joining the members of the club in fun engaging activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, games and sports.

Homework help is always a bonus!!!!!!

Guided Crew: Participate in helping us by volunteering at any of our group events which happens around a whole calendar year.

Additionally, you can assist our organization in a variety of tasks, like constructing infrastructure, painting, organizing and cleaning at our various locations.

Unique Crew: Your crew chooses the activity that they would like to run with our members of the club.

Your crew will plan and implement the activity. Additionally, this is a unique opportunity to pick your own activity (with BGCTK approval) or choose from one of our ideas.

What Is In It for the Crew?

  • The opportunity to directly impact the life of a child!
  • Unite your team in the shared joy of giving back and making a meaningful difference.
  • Your support brings joy, fun, and learning to children’s lives.
  • Your generosity is acknowledged and celebrated on our social media and website platforms, inspiring others.
  • Your donation nurtures mentorship and creates enduring memories for young hearts.
  • Every dollar transforms a child’s future with resources and mentorship

Feels great to be on the giving end, but truly it is us who are getting so much from the experience:
Nearly 1,000 smiling kids who for one special night get to be just that, “kids”. It feels great to give back in such a small way knowing it has a butterfly effect in their lives. Proud to be a part of#MHSGivesBack”

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate in the afterschool program. The team had a great time. Hope we can work together in the future.

I met the sweetest group of kids who shared fantastic stories and were so appreciative of the time we spent with them. Overall, I was very happy with my first volunteer day experience and will definitely look forward to doing so again.

Do you have your own idea, or want to create a partnership unique to your company? We would love to hear about it!

Learn more about how your company can get involved or tailor-made experiences beyond what’s listed, get In touch with our Coordinator of Volunteers at

T: (416) 925-2243 ext. 27 | C: (416) 268-9954

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