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CAPC is a public Health Agency of Canada funded program that gives teen parents, newly immigrated families and socially isolated families due to economic opportunities the support they need. The program has been in service since 1994.

The program promotes the healthy development of young children from birth to age 6, who face challenges that put their health at risk. It offers a range of activities which gives families opportunities to interact with other families to build healthy relationships with each other.

CAPC runs 5 different programs at multiple locations. The program that is currently run out of Cabbagetown Youth Centre supports CAPC’s toy lending library and play basics. This program runs on Tuesdays from 1 – 3pm.

The five programs are:

CAPC also provides a Community Advocacy Worker who assists families in the following areas:

  • Ontario Works
  • Subsidized childcare
  • immigration
  • education
  • Child Tax Benefits
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan
  • Employment Insurance Benefits
  • Workmen’s Compensation Benefits
  • Medical and Dental issues

Program staff

Kathy Selecky – Program Coordinator
Serwat Chaudhry – Family Support Worker
Robina Munawar – Program Assistant
Norma Velano – Program Assistant
Mansi Vijay – Program Assistant
Virginia Boruvka – Community Advocacy Worker

If you are interested in more information, please contact the CAPC office at 416-960-8321


2 Lancaster Ave
Toronto, ON
M4X 1C1

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