Statement on Racism and Discrimination

For the last 100 years, BGC Toronto Kiwanis has opened our doors to all young people, of all backgrounds. Our core values—Belonging, Respect, Encouragement and Support, Working Together, Speaking Out—are built around inclusion and we are proud of the work we do.

We stand against systemic racism, prejudice, discrimination, injustice.

And like you, we are tired. Tired of seeing the long-term repercussions of racism. Tired of seeing trauma repeated generation after generation. Tired of calling for action and accountability.

BGC Toronto Kiwanis builds safety nets to catch those who fall into the gaps. We work in neighbourhoods that are changed by struggles with poverty, unemployment, incarceration—and where we see firsthand the effects of systemic racism. We have witnessed youth who have been the target of violence and persecution by institutional forces, and we will continue to support these youth, to guide them through the trauma of this violence, and to make space for young people to be heard and to thrive.

We also know that we can always do more. Our Club is committed to creating even more safe spaces for youth that identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour). We will provide more training and tools that will help white staff and youth recognize their privilege and learn how to be effective allies.

We have seen the long-term benefits of investing in young people and their communities. We will continue to use our platform to advocate for prioritization of youth and community engagement programs at all levels of government and within law enforcement agencies in our communities.

BGC Toronto Kiwanis have always been committed to change and we welcome others to join us in speaking out against discrimination in all its forms. Together, we will continue to remove barriers and create opportunities for all young people.

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